Compulsory Insurance All Entrepreneurs Need to Know About

In Australia, there are many types of insurance policy that business owners need to be aware of. These include policies which cover all of the usual business activities, such as public liability, theft, product liability, professional indemnities and policies designed to cover you in the event of employee fraud. In addition, there are some insurance policies which are compulsory if you belong to certain professional bodies or operate in certain areas of business. [Read More]

Insurance Principles: What They Mean for Your Truck's Insurance Policy

If you own a truck that makes frequent delivery trips, it is important to cover it using an insurance policy. Technically, the term cover means that the insurance policy protects you against incurring huge losses in case the truck is damaged, stolen, or involved in an accident. When going for an insurance cover, you have the option of taking a limited cover that protects against a specified peril. On the other hand, you can also opt for a comprehensive cover that will protect you from losses resulting from many hazards. [Read More]

How Is Heavy Motor Insurance Different Than Standard Commercial Insurance?

Heavy motor insurance is needed for businesses that own and operate heavy-duty vehicles, including trucks, cranes, and the like. When you shop for commercial auto insurance you may see standard commercial vehicle insurance offered, and may wonder how heavy motor insurance is different and if you need it for standard delivery trucks or trailers. Note a few of those differences here so you can ensure you choose the right type of coverage for the vehicle you operate. [Read More]