3 Solid Reasons to Prioritise Public Liability Insurance for Your Business

Running a successful business comes with many responsibilities. You must handle seemingly never-ending tasks, from invoicing and bookkeeping to budgeting and marketing. However, it's impossible to consider public liability insurance as the least of your priorities. Ideally, public liability insurance is among the most critical business covers any business owner should have.  This post discusses the three primary reasons you should prioritise public liability insurance for your business, regardless of its size or scope. [Read More]

Does Your Business Need Commercial Property Insurance?

Do you own a piece of commercial property? Maybe, you have an entire portfolio full of office blocks and commercial units? Whatever your requirements, one thing you can't afford to ignore is commercial property insurance. Buying the right insurance is essential to protect you and the business if something disastrous happens. Whether you are responsible for a large development or a single lock-up garage, you must have the right insurance. Here are three things to consider before you take out commercial property insurance. [Read More]

4 Types of Insurance You Need as a Professional Photographer

Photography might seem like one of the least risky professions out there, but once you've been in the job long enough, you'll realise a lot can go wrong. While you may take extra precautions when shooting animals or weapons, sometimes disaster can strike even in a seemingly safe studio. It only takes a split second for one of your models or clients to get hurt or for expensive equipment to get damaged. [Read More]

Two Scenarios in Which Having Resident Unit Manager Insurance Could Be Useful

If you are the resident unit manager of, for example, a strata property or another residential building, then you should consider getting resident unit manager insurance. Here are some examples of scenarios in which this type of insurance could be useful. You have made a mistake that has resulted in a resident's belongings being damaged As a resident unit manager, you may be expected to perform maintenance work on various parts of the building. [Read More]